This is interesting – one decidedly odd 62 year old gentleman in Germany bought and had himself injected with 217 Sars-Cov-2 vaccines over the space of 29 months. He was thought to have been giving himself the injections in order to generate forged certificates for those who didn’t want the vaccines.


Apart from being clearly a bit bonkers this gave an opportunity to German researchers to have a look at the effects on his immune system and general health after an overdose of vaccines.

They not only tested his blood, but were able to analyse stored blood from the past. At least 130 vaccine doses had been confirmed by the prosecutors. They report their findings in the Lancet Infectious Disease.

Why it matters

This is interesting as the antivaccine industry has made claims that repeated vaccinations can cause problems which a hyper-vaccinated, vastly over-dosed individual might be able to shine some light upon – that the immune system will be damaged by repeated vaccines, that T-cells which provide long term protection against serious disease will be exhausted, and the ability to fight other infections will be compromised. This paper shows none of these took place.

What happened to his immune system

In terms of side effects, the Lancer authors state:

Throughout the entire hypervaccination schedule [he] did not report any vaccination-related side effects. From November 2019, to October 2023, 62 routine clinical chemistry parameters showed no abnormalities attributable to hypervaccination.

Further they found that his reaction to other infections was preserved, and that those T cells (see left) which are so important in long term protection against serious infection are not harmed, or exhausted by repeat vaccinations. We knew this already, but this makes news of good science.

Vaccines of course do cause side effects, rarely serious and even more rarely, tragic – all at rates way lower than the infection. Although this is only an anecdote, it is an interesting one nonetheless and for me reassuring, given that I’ve had 5 vaccinations. For those vulnerable people who will continue to need regular boosters, this is also good news.

PS – There is also no evidence he has ever had COVID19.

2 thoughts on “217 vaccines in one person!! What happened next?

  1. Colin, you have had 5 vaccinations against Covid- I must report a side effect of having multiple jabs- after the first two I’ve lost count.

    1. Sorry to hear that Owen, but as Colin writes: “ Vaccines of course do cause side effects, rarely serious and even more rarely, tragic – all at rates way lower than the infection.” What you also need to consider is what effects you would have experienced if you caught Covid without being vaccinated? Impossible to know as an individual but millions have caught it, and we see the results.

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